Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What’s Playing On Your Patio?

controlPLAY creates unique Music and Music-Video programs for bars.

Check out controlPLAY PATIO.

The channel itself has been programmed to meet an easy-listening BPM niche of 80-110 containing fun and happy songs that span genres and time periods ultimately appealing to a broad target demographic.

Don’t have an outdoor patio? PATIO is also perfect for beach-themed parties... With regular additions to our Music-Video library, new songs are constantly being added to the PATIO mix so it won’t sound the same after repeated plays. Our Programming Team is always looking for the perfect patio songs to add to the mix.

What’s more, you can further customize the program to meet your bar’s specific needs.

Let’s create a sound as unique as your Patio with controlPLAY  Music and Music-Video for bars!