Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Post-Game Party: Music Videos for Sports Fans in Bars

What are you playing after the Game?

Introducing Post-Game Party, a controlPLAY Signature Music Video channel designed specifically for the post-game crowd: a primarily male demographic aged 21-45. Post-Game Party is a high-energy, Music Video experience that creates the perfect atmosphere to sit back, relax, have another beer and talk about the game. What are your customers listening to after the game? Sports News? Late Night Golf Repeats? Encourage them to stick around with our Signature Music Video channel, jam-packed with rockin' classics that your sports fans will love. The channel can even be modified to cater to the needs of your unique post-game crowd with our easy-to-use playlist tools.

Does your post-game vibe need a boost? controlPLAY Music for Bars creates a superior entertainment experience encouraging customers to stay a little longer and have more fun. Try our Post-Game Party mix today. 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day parting the music for your bar?

Are you looking for the right daytime music or music video for your bar?

controlPLAY Triple A may just be the right fit for you. Adult Album Alternative, is a mix of folk and mainstream music. This diverse compilation of great rock music is ideal for daytime bar environments.

Triple A is one of our many Signature Programs for the bar business and it is an effective tool for your day parting strategy. We also make it easy to create your own sound with our custom programming tools.

Successful bar operators identify the changing demographic flow of their business based on the time of day and day of the week. They then match the entertainment experience to the demographic that they are catering to. Gone are the days that you throw on a channel and let it ride!

Effective management of your day part strategy requires an automated scheduling function with the right mix of programs to create your own branded experience. Take the time to put it together and execute.

Your customers will stay a little longer and have more fun.