Friday, 23 August 2013

Signature Music Video Programs for Bars

We are passionate about designing music video programs for bars. In addition to creating unique custom programs, our subscribers benefit from instant access to our Signature Series music video programs. We are continually expanding and tweaking the Signature Series.

Our programmers take great pride in showcasing  our music video programs on our office entertainment network. We frequently have spirited conversations to make the programs the best they can be. Everyone on our team is passionate about the power of entertainment.
Whether you are promoting a 70’s Night, Country theme or 90’s Rock Party. Your killer playlist is just a click away.

A really cool feature is your ability to preview our Signature templates and tweak them to your specific needs. Control the BPM’s, genre, chart position and a variety of meta data with every track in our extensive library to create your own "Signature" sound!.

Check out our Signature Series samplers

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