Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What Does A Music Video Service For Bars Have To Do With Roast Beef?

Music Video Service
When preparing a roast, you can throw it in a pan, put it in the oven preheated to three fifty and come back in two and a half hours. You have a cooked roast of beef.


You could sear the roast, crown it with selected spices , garnish with a selection of organic vegetables to enhance the flavor of your au jus and roast to the perfect temperature. Let it sit and carve.

How does this compare to crafting a great playlist? 

You can dump in thousands of songs and hit shuffle. You have a playlist.


You can take each track, take a serious look at its DNA. Categorize the meta data including genre, sub genre, peak chart position, date of release, BPM, mood, and content rating. Once you have prepared your library, you are ready to create the recipe for your playlist.

Identify the demographic, day part and desired environment.  Match the meta data to build a template, create a test list, modify, create a test list, modify. You get the picture. If you’re not modifying, you’re not tryin’!

We believe our music video service is the best available for your bar or restaurant. Are you interested in reviewing your music video or digital signage system? Our entertainment and marketing consultants can work with you to review your business objectives and discuss industry best practices.

Music Video Servie

We're passionate about playlists and the power of entertainment to transform your business. We don’t do the shuffle!

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  1. Interesting twist on the importance of creating a playlist that meets the unique needs of your business!