Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Music Video System Designed For Bars and Restaurants

Music Video System for Bars and RestaurantsEvery aspect of the controlPLAY Music Video System was designed for the bars and restaurants. We understand that bar and restaurant owners are not looking for another task to manage. You are, however, quite interested in solutions that not only take something off your plate, they provide improved results.

Our music video services combined with the controlPLAY music video system automatically provide you with the most relevant up to date music video entertainment programs for your business.

Your playlists are created with specific genre’s, genre categories, BPM range, mood, repeat rules and specific template sequences. This provides you with the energy and environment you want for your business. Our Smart Template processes provide you with a unique playlist for everyday part.

Your content library is updated weekly with new releases. Every track includes the meta data to ensure that it only plays for the specified mixes that the meta data matches.  

The net result is great music playlists that automatically update.

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Music Video Service for Sports Bars

Our music video system combined with our new sports bar specific digital signage content gives you the ability to create a stadium quality “Game Day” show in your sports bar.

Most of the great ideas for our music video service for bars come to us when we are sitting in a bar. You could call this an occupational hazard!

I recently went to the Toronto Maple Leafs season opener. Unfortunately right up until they changed the channel to the game, the bar made little attempt to celebrate the season opener. What made this the most interesting is the place was packed and over half of the people there including me, had their Leaf gear on.

During the game, the broadcast would televise the courtyard outside of the Air Canada Center. It was electric. That was a light bulb moment. The only difference between the bar and the courtyard was the content creating the electricity.

What if every time the home team scored, sirens went off, signs lit up?

What if the TV’s were used to create a Tailgate Party before the game to get the home team fans pumped up?

What if we created an automated pre game experience?

The result of that evening, the Leafs defeated the Habs 4-3 in Montreal and the controlPLAY team got to work on automated Pre Game and Post Game music video programs.

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Go Leafs!