Monday, 6 January 2014

Create a Tailgate Party With Your Music Video System!

Its playoff time and controlPLAY Music Video System subscribers are getting ready to tailgate?

Get your customers to your bar earlier. Create a party atmosphere with a great music video playlist. We suggest high energy "beer drinking songs". Rock, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Indie Rock and New Country Hits will create the party you want before the big game. Keep your BPM in the range of 110 - 130. Check out our Tailgate program. You can use it as is or tweak it to your specific needs. It's easy with the controlPLAY "Smart Playlist Builder". Here is a sample of Tailgate tunes.
Now the secret is to to pump up the crowd. Be sure to have elements in the playlist to get them going. We like to use sirens, horns and home team shoutouts. We also include an automated countdown to the kick off. Some subscribers have had limited time offers associated to specific points to the count down.

We have awesome tools to automatically create the “Stadium” experience in your bar.

Call today to put controlPLAY to work for you!

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