Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Create a “Can’t-Miss” annual St. Patrick’s Day Event!

It’s no secret that St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest bar days of the year. Out come the Irish and the Irish-for-the-day and your business is put into overdrive. It’s important, however, to be strategic about your St. Patrick’s Day party to ensure maximum profitability, safety and repeat business.

To start, know the demographic you will be catering to. Will your venue be filled with families looking to grab a bite to eat or a younger crowd seeking great music and beer in abundance? Set the atmosphere with St. Patrick’s Day-themed Entertainment and Food & Beverage items. Green Beer, Irish Beer and St. Patrick’s Day cocktails are a must. Unsure what to mix up for your patrons? Check out these green cocktail recipes: Next, serve alcohol safely. Ensure staff members are fully up to speed on procedures for ID checking, keeping track of alcohol consumption and identifying symptoms of intoxication.

Once planning is complete, share about your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration. Let customers know via promotional announcements within your venue and get the word out to the public on your website and Social Media. Host a contest on Facebook and have fans post pictures of themselves to qualify. Award the winner by letting them skip the line and cover.

Come March 17th, get decked out! Ensure staff are dressed the part by having them wear green as opposed to their usual uniforms and fill your venue with easy St. Patrick’s Day-themed decorations like green cups and mugs, shamrock stir sticks, green straws, green beads, balloons and streamers.

This year, plan to have a fun, safe and profitable St. Patrick’s Day and your business’ pot of gold will be well within reach. Visit for previews and information on our St. Patrick’s Day-themed Music-Video Programs, Digital Signage, Automated Countdown and more! 

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