Friday, 21 March 2014

Increase Revenues with controlPLAY's March Madness Marketing Tools!

It’s March and “We’re Mad About Hoops”. We’re working with our subscribers to utilize their Music and Music Video Systems for their bars to fill seats during March Madness.

Let your customers know if they have filled their brackets,  you’re going to keep their glass full! All the big games are playing at your bar.  We have a full library of Digital Signage and promotional announcements designed specifically to promote all of the games and events.

Utilize our “Smart Marketing” templates in your Music and Music Video System to create automated, strategic “Infotainment “ integrated into the playlist in your bar.  Our Subscriber Success Managers make it as easy as single click to make your bar “Fan Headquarters” for all the madness in March.

March Madness “Smart Marketing” templates are just another example of how a service designed to provide turn key programming solutions will help you build your business. At controlPLAY we know bars... it’s all we do!

Opt in to our March Madness Scheduling Template and start driving customer traffic for upcoming games:

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