Friday, 20 June 2014

Pump up your Playlist with controlPLAY!

It’s time to pump up your playlist with controlPLAY’s Music, Music-Video and Digital Signage services for Bars and Restaurants.

Create your own sound with our exclusive, easy-to-use, powerful tools! There are infinite possibilities. Select specific songs as well as categories, all in the same playlist!

Give specific day-parts a twist by adding existing PROGRAMS to your custom playlist for a specific duration or choose how many songs from that program play in the playlist. 

Your controlPLAY mixes are tight between tracks with exclusive proprietary transition technologies. Every track is individually processed, eliminating the volume going up and down between tracks.

Easily integrate digital signage or promotional messages into your playlists to strategically influence while you entertain. Include video texts in your playlist to promote upcoming specials or wish your customers a Happy Birthday. Include hundreds of RSS feeds for news, sports, and weather scrolls that won’t interrupt the entertainment!

Your custom playlists are easily executed and modified for multiple locations with industry-leading remote management. controlPLAY content delivery network is trusted by North America's largest brands.

You can turn on a channel and hope for the best or you can Pump Up Your Playlist with controlPLAY! 

Music, Music Video, and Digital Signage Services and Systems for Bars and Restaurants!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Make Booth #1034 your first stop at the Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace 2014!

Next week, controlPLAY is Houston-bound for the Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace 2014 at the George R. Brown Convention Center! We're looking forward to meeting with progressive restaurant and bar owners and showcasing Version 10 of our Player.

Our Version 10 Software presents with exciting developments including our new Audio-On-Demand Service, Play-ANYTHING Playlists, RSS Feed Compatibility and much more. controlPLAY Subscribers are powering up their playlists like never before!

Stop by Booth #1034 for an in-person demonstration and let's discuss how we can put controlPLAY's Music, Music-Video and Digital Signage Service to work for your business.

For more information on the TRA Marketplace, please visit