Thursday, 11 December 2014

controlPLAY is the industry leading source for music and music videos for bars.

Our programmers put in hours compiling meta data to create the perfect sound for your business. We are passionate about curating playlists. Some say we eat drink and sleep music and music videos. So, when the Grammy's announce the Best Music Video Nominations, our eyes and ears perk up.

Here are this year's nominees and how they contribute to playlists that rock hundreds of bars and restaurants.


"We Exist" features Andrew Garfield as a transgender woman building up the courage to visit a bar for the first time. The Spiderman actor supplies a Flashdance-inspired dream sequence that's sure to surprise. It's deep, galvanizing and well deserved of the nomination. You can check it out on our Alternative playlists or add it to one of your custom playlists if you are looking to please an eclectic crowd.


Lil' Jon is no stranger to club hits and with help from DJ Snake he's turned out yet another in 2014. The duo hoped to create a video that captures the melee-like atmosphere of their concerts. They surpassed expectations with this video which provides a wild party experience and gives a whole new definition to the word jiggle. This video is exclusive to our Explicit library and is an excellent choice for any bar looking to heat things up and pump up the crowd any night of the week.


Sia's first ever solo top-ten single is a melancholic tale about the trials of being a party girl, but the video delivers some delightful dissonance with a sensational dance performance from 11-year old Maddie Ziegler. If you want to create a chill vibe with your crowd be sure to check this one out on the Mix, AC and AC Pop playlists.


Pharrell's smash hit from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack features a plethora of cameos from celebrities ranging from Magic Johnson to Steve Carell. Not only is it one of the most upbeat and fun videos from 2014, but it is also one of the most versatile. Great for family friendly crowds and still hot enough to get people on the dance floor well after the sun sets. Be sure to see it in Adrenaline, Gameday, NRG, Rhythmic and our AC Pop playlists.


You may not yet be familiar with Woodkid's music, but you've definitely seen his work as a music video director; putting together videos for Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Lana Del Ray. His 2014 poetic effort on "The Golden Age" may be his best work yet. Because of its runtime (nearly 11 minutes) you won't find it on any of our playlists, but if you're looking to add some depth and atmosphere to one of your laidback playlists be sure to toss this one in.

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