Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Happy Holiday Playlists!

We believe in the power of the playlist for your restaurant and bar. The holiday season is a time for family and friends to get together at your business for some festive cheer. This is an opportunity for your business to showcase your perfect holiday playlist.

Here are some of our programmer’s successful holiday playlist fundamentals.

  • Program traditional tracks when you are within a couple days of the holiday, however, for most of the month make sure your holiday jams are contemporary and current.
  • Watch your BPM’s(beats per minute or energy). Too many sleepers together can quickly ruin the party mood. Your customers have decided to meet at your bar. Don't drive them away.
  • Early in the month, incorporate a few holiday tracks into your regular playlist. As you draw closer to the holiday, increase the amount of tracks you use in the playlist.
  • Have professional customer appreciation tracks to incorporate into your playlist. We suggest you include these the week before the holiday and the week leading up to New Years Eve.

  • Don’t forget to use your audio and video systems to promote your New Years Eve Party!

controlPLAY provides restaurants and bars with  variety of Signature programs including Rock Bar, Beach Bar and Happy Hour that include holiday tracks into their programming. We also have a selection of dedicated holiday programs as well. You can plan and execute your own holiday playlist strategy or have controlPLAY Music & Music Video for Bars provide you with a single click solution for all your day parts.

Either way, happy holidays and we hope your holiday season rocks!

Click here for our list of Top 25 Holiday Tracks that rock!

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