Monday, 14 December 2015

Taking care of business means taking care of people!

The holiday season is a time to fill our lives with music, fellowship, family and cheer. The reality is, this is not the case for all the members of communities.

Taking part in the Business Cares food drive has become a holiday tradition at controlPLAY. We believe that taking care of business means taking care of people.

We're very fortunate to be part of a growing company in our vibrant community. As a successful organization, we believe it is our responsibility to assist those in our community that need a helping hand over the holidays.

It's staggering to learn that over 40% of our community's food bank clients are children. Our entire team is committed to do our part to help families in our community.

We're grateful for the dedicated subscribers to our networks and our incredible team that consistently contribute to our success. They make it possible for us to be part of Business Cares.

Happy holidays from us all at controlPLAY.  We ask that you also consider those in your community that could benefit from your generosity this holiday season.

Friday, 11 December 2015

New Years Eve Day

Create an all day celebration with your music, music video and digital signage system.

Why limit the New Years Eve countdown to ten seconds? With the controlPLAY, your twelve hour countdown automatically starts at noon!

Every half hour, your screens will light up with a notification of how long until the New Year.
At 11pm, the frequency increases, right up to the controlPLAY signature New Year’s Eve ten second countdown with Auld Lang Syne and a mega mix of party hits to turn the party up.

Your screens will come to life with fireworks and a crystal ball. Add your own Video Text messages to create your branded experience.

Be sure to utilize our New Years Eve Infotainment to let your customers know you are the New Year Eve Celebration Headquarters!
Please contact us if you would like our Subscriber Success Manager help you create your custom New Year Party!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Digital Signage That Sells Gift Cards!

Are you using your music or music video system in your restaurant or bar to sell your gift cards? Do you have a gift card program for your restaurant or bar? 

Here is some food for thought, according to the National Restaurant News, “Americans are expected to spend $31 billion on gift cards this year. Restaurants are positioned to get a larger piece of that action.”

Gift cards are the number 1 most requested gift card for the eight consecutive year. According to a National Retail Federation survey, 62% of consumers stated they would like to receive one. The survey also revealed that 34% of survey respondents planned on purchasing restaurant gift cards. 

It’s obvious that gift cards create a significant revenue and traffic opportunity. The big question is, do your customers know you have gift cards available for them to purchase. 

The controlPLAY music & music video systems for restaurants and bars make it easy for you spread the word with a fun, entertaining medium. 

This is how easy it is to schedule your digital signage to automatically play on your tv’s.

 Online Demo

Monday, 23 November 2015

Power to the Playlist!

Everything we do is focused on being the Music & Music Video “Playlist” company for bars and restaurants. We believe that the right songs played in the right sequence has a significant impact on your businesses environment.

The secret to building a really good playlist is having the right content and making the content easily identified for its intended purpose. Every track in our library has being audited by one of our “mixologists” to ensure accurate meta data is in place.

It’s one thing to make the claim that we have millions of tracks in our library. It’s quite another to claim, we have selected the right 57 tracks in the right order for your happy hour, pre game, post game, lunch or dinner hour.

We’re passionate about content, meta data and targeting your restaurant and bar day parts. 

We believe in the power of the playlist.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Promote your Holiday Specials with controlPLAY!

controlPLAY is the digital signage solution designed for restaurants and bars.

When it comes to holiday season, we make it easy to promote your gift cards, holiday parties and say thank you to your customers during the festive time of year.

Utilize our stock digital signage, design your own or have our in house graphics department custom design your signage that sells.

Having effective graphics is half the solution to sales success. You also need to make the right offers at the right time. Our easy to use scheduling software will play your digital signage offers when they are most effective. Our Subscriber Success Specialists will show you how to use our scheduling tool or they can create your marketing schedules for you.
controlPLAY digital signage for bars and restaurants is you easiest way to entertain, engage and influence. Put controlPLAY to work for you today!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Let's get the Staff involved!

Happy Tuesday!

As the leader in Music and Music-Video programming for bars we are always reaching out to our subscribers to ensure we are delivering a relevant experience to their customers. Constant communication is the key to success with our subscribers that are using our complimentary custom programming services.

Recently I was speaking with a subscriber and we were designing some new day-time playlists for him. His challenge was that his staff were complaining about the music because it wasn’t what “they” wanted to hear.  The business owner, frustrated with this fact, reached out to me for help on how we could remedy this situation.

The solution was creating a folder of “STAFF PICKS” and inserting it into their playlist 1-2 times per hour.

This exercise brought his staff together and they all feel like a part of the entertainment now. 
Win-Win for everyone! 

Would this be a benefit to your venue as well?
Please let me know and we can make this happen. 

All the best!

Adam Melrose
Chief Playlist Officer 
787 Networks – Home of controlPLAY, fecMUSIC and Bowling Music
1-866-896-3470 ex. 226

Monday, 6 July 2015

Country Music Video Patio Playlist for Your Patio

Looking for a great summer music or music video playlist for your bar or restaurant? Check out the exclusive controlPLAY Patio: Country Summer playlist. Country summer songs are about carefree, sun-filled months, spending time at the beach, throwing parties, and experiencing a summer romance.

Our mixologists have put together a hand crafted mix of the best Country Summer Songs. Simply click play to create a laid back vibe in your bar, restaurant or patio.

Check out our Patio Country Summer Sampler!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Summer Sizzler Programs

This weekend kicked off the official start to the summer season, and we have the soundtrack to summers past and present! check out our brand new Summer Sizzler and Summer Retro Sizzler programs, now available on your player!

Summer Sizzler:

Our SUMMER SIZZLER program compiles the biggest summer hits of the last 15 years (and will include this year's summer jams), as well as tracks from the last few years that remind you of good times at the beach and backyard BBQs, not having to worry about going to school or taking a week off work and just relaxing. You'll hear club tracks and hot favourites from The Black Eyed Peas, Ariana Grande, Destiny's Child, Usher, Rihanna, LMFAO, Katy Perry, and a whole lot more!

Summer Retro Sizzler:

Taking you back to the summers of the 80s and 90s with our SUMMER RETRO SIZZLERS program, these were the songs you were blasting from your boombox, spinning on your turntables, and listening to on mix tapes in your Walkman during summers gone by! The biggest summer jams, and songs with a seasonal theme including tracks from Ace of Base, Bryan Adams, Van Halen, TLC, Poison, Joan Jett, Gary Numan, New Kids on the Block, Michael Jackson, and so many more!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

11 Questions About Music Licensing

As a leading music, music video and digital signage provider to restaurants, bars and hospitality venues, we are frequently asked questions regarding music licensing. controlPLAY provides background public performance rights for BMI, SESAC and ASCAP with our defined background services.

The National Restaurant Association has recently posted a very informative post regarding this subject that we would like to share with you.

This provides you with the information you need to know about playing music in your venue.

Music is one of the most important elements in establishing the mood in your restaurant, but under law, you must make sure you have the necessary licensing to comply with copyright statutes before playing it. Performing rights organizations (“PROs”), such as BMI, ASCAP and SESAC, act as intermediaries between restaurants and songwriters to protect intellectual property and make licensing more cost-effective and convenient. Restaurants pay a fee to the PROs for a blanket license that grants permission to use all of the music each organization represents, and they, in turn, distribute the fees, less operating expenses, to their affiliated songwriters, publishers and composers as royalties.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about music licensing:

Q. If I pay a licensing fee to BMI, do I have to pay one to ASCAP as well? A. It depends. If you know that all of the music you’re playing in your restaurant is under the copyright licensing of BMI, then the answer is “no.” However, if that music is licensed by either of the other two major licensing entities, ASCAP or SESAC, the answer is “yes.” If you aren’t certain about what music may be played, it’s safest to have licensing agreements with all three PROs – BMI, ASCAP and SESAC.
Q. What are the exemptions for radio and TV? A. Federal copyright law, Section 110 (5)(B), exempts restaurants that play music transmitted via radio, TV and cable and satellite sources if they don’t charge to hear the music. Music played by other means, such as live bands, CDs, etc., aren’t covered by the exemption.

The exemption applies to establishments smaller than 3,750 gross square feet in their premises. It also applies to those with 3,750 square feet or more of gross square footage if the operation has no more than four televisions. “Gross square footage” includes all interior and exterior space used to serve customers, including kitchen space, bathroom and storage space, but excludes the parking lot (unless used for something other than parking).

Any foodservice or drinking establishment that is 3,750 square feet or larger, must secure public performance rights for TVs or radios if any of the following conditions apply:

For TV, if the business is using any of the following:

  1. more than four TVs; or
  2. more than one TV in any one room; or
  3. if any of the TVs used has a diagonal screen size greater than 55 inches; or
  4. if any audio portion of the audiovisual performance is communicated by means of more than six loudspeakers, or four loudspeakers in any one room or adjoining outdoor space; or
  5. if there is any cover charge.
For radio, if the business is using any of the following:
  1. more than six loudspeakers; or
  2. more than four loudspeakers in any one room or adjoining outdoor space; or
  3. if there is any cover charge; or
  4. music on hold.
Q. If I offer only live music once a month, do I need to pay licensing fees? A. While the exemption in the statute doesn’t specifically address this question, the answer is likely “yes.” Generally, the exemption doesn’t apply to exclusions and situations not covered in the exclusionary language.
Q. I use Pandora for music. Do I have to pay a fee? A. Pandora’s “terms of use” specifically prohibit businesses from streaming music without setting up and complying with the terms of a paid DMX/Pandora business account. If a bar or restaurant has a business account with Pandora or SiriusXM and the music is used only for background, the establishment does not allow dancing to the music, or charge a cover fee to enter, then the provider of the music such as Pandora or SiriusXM, should be paying the public performance fees to BMI, ASCAP and SESAC. Should the business have any additional music, live bands, DJs, or Karaoke, they need to license with the PROs directly for those uses.
Q. BMI is threatening to sue me. What can I do? A. If you’re playing licensable music, it’s a better business decision to license than not to. While some business owners may avoid paying licensing fees for a while, it can be much more expensive than the cost of a music license in the long run. Federal penalties for using music without permission, which are set forth by the judge presiding over the litigation and not the PRO, can be high, with each musical composition used without authorization entitling copyright owners to damages between $750 to $30,000, or more if the infringement is found to be willful.
Q. Do PROs share customer lists? If I pay one, will the others know and bill me? A. No. PROs, like most other businesses, do not share customer lists with each other. They do, however, contact thousands of businesses every day, so it’s likely they will contact you to license if you’re playing music.
Q. What size businesses are exempt from paying fees? A. The exemption applies only to radio and TV. All other music uses should be licensed despite the size of the establishment. For specific details on exemptions for radio and TV use only, see the second question above.
Q. My small restaurant with no seating has a television for employees only. Am I exempt? A. Licensing obligations apply only if the communication of the music is “intended to be received by the general public.”

If only your employees hear the music, the transmission isn’t intended to be heard by your customers or the “general public.” If customers can hear the music when they pick up their take-out orders, ASCAP, BMI and or SESAC could argue that the “general public” receives the transmission as well as staff and that licensing obligations apply.

In general however, if your restaurant is less than 3,750 square feet and you have only one TV with a screen size smaller than 55 inches, you’re probably exempt if you meet all other criteria. Please review the specific details on the radio and TV exemption above before deciding not to license.
Q. I don’t understand the rules about number of seats and exemptions. A. The square footage of an establishment and not the number of seats is what determines the radio and TV exemption under Section 110 (5)(B) of the federal Copyright Act. Total occupancy, however, may be a factor in determining the license fee for all other uses of music.
Q. If I use my own iPod and have paid to buy the music, do I need to pay licensing fees as well? A. Yes. Under the Copyright Act, exemptions apply only to radio and TV. Purchasing music allows you only to listen to it privately. Once you play music from your iPod or other device in a business, it’s a public performance and must be licensed.
Q. I play only a few albums from the 1950s. Do I still have to pay? A. Unless the music on the albums is in the public domain and not protected any longer by copyright law, you need a license. All three of the PROs have searchable online databases of the music they represent; it would be best to start there or contact them for assistance

Friday, 8 May 2015

12 Songs For Mom This Mother’s Day!

As part of our Music and Music Video Services for Restaurants and Bars, we make it easy to create the best playlists for any occasion and Mother’s Day is no exception. Our programmers have put together a list of 12 songs dedicated to MOM.

Have a great weekend and from all of us at controlPLAY, Happy Mother's Day!

12 Songs For Mom This Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, we take a look at a dozen tracks that are available in your player that celebrate moms everywhere!

Madness – Our House
controlPLAY rating: Everyone
This 80’s classic pays homage to the hard working mother, with the lyrics recalling a childhood where mom kept order in the family, among other happy memories of days gone by.

Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely
controlPLAY rating: Everyone
The Motown legend penned this song in the mid-70s about the birth of his daughter, and the woman who brought her into this world. Remember, Mother’s Day isn’t just about your mom, but appreciating all mothers!

Miranda Lambert – Mama’s Broken Heart
controlPLAY rating: Adult (Lyric Video rating: Everyone)
Sometimes mom doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Miranda Lambert’s country-rock song about mom basically telling her to “walk it off” is one that everyone can relate to. Of course, this ain’t Mama’s Broken Heart, but every kid thinks they’ve got it tougher than their parents.

Taylor Swift – The Best Day
controlPLAY rating: Everyone
Before Taylor was shaking it off and singing about blank spaces to write her ex’s names in, she performed this song about fond childhood memories with her mom. The video includes home movie footage of the Swifts, featuring Taylor spending “the best day” with mommy.

Carrie Underwood – Mama’s Song
controlPLAY rating: Everyone

The job of mom is to do her best to teach her children right from wrong and then send them off into the world and hope for the best. Carrie Underwood penned this track about cutting the apron strings and telling mommy dearest not to worry, that everything’s going to work out just fine.

Spice Girls – Mama
controlPLAY rating: Everyone
A classic look at the mother-daughter relationship: teenage adolescence and rebellion giving way to the realization that mom was right all along. This song may be from the late 90s, but the theme certainly hasn’t gone out of style. Moms and adult daughters everywhere know this story, always have, and always will!

Boyz II Men – A Song For Mama
controlPLAY rating: PG
Boyz II Men proclaim that mom will always be “the girl in my life”. A love song to mothers everywhere, as the Boyz credit their mothers as the “driving force” behind them, thanking mom for everything she’s done. Isn’t that what Mother’s Day is all about?!

Backstreet Boys – The Perfect Fan
controlPLAY rating: Everyone
The Backstreet Boys named the perfect fan in 1999. No, it wasn’t Cindy from school with the BSB trapper keeper, pencil case and shirt that had seen them in concert 3 times this year already… it was mom! The Backstreet Boys know that the one fan that will always cheer for you is good ol’ mom.

BeyoncĂ© – Ring Off
controlPLAY rating: PG
BeyoncĂ© sings a song for all the mothers who put up with dad for too long. The theme doesn’t make for the peppiest of tracks, but it’s a musically upbeat song for all those single moms out there who had the courage to get themselves out of an abusive relationship.

LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out
controlPLAY rating: Adult
Most moms are usually quick to tell kids to not resolve their problems with violence. LL Cool J’s mom apparently isn’t “most moms”, as we find out in this early 90s rap anthem.

2 Pac – Dear Mama
controlPLAY rating: Adult
An adult Tupac Shakur looks back on his childhood and stands in awe of how his mother managed to do it all. The details are probably a little different between your life and 2 Pac’s, but the theme is still the same, when you have that moment where you realize “wow, my mom did a LOT!” 2 Pac knows what’s up!

Danzig – Mother
controlPLAY rating: Adult
The Misfits founder performed this… alternative… look at Moms, warning them to not let her children “walk my way”. Probably a good idea, not everyone can pull off the mesh shirt and leather pants look. A 90’s classic for that rockin’ mom in your life.

Monday, 13 April 2015

8 Tips For Building The Perfect Playlist!

Along with access to 35+ Signature Music and Music Video Playlists for restaurants and bars, controlPLAY’s subscribers have the ability to create custom playlists tailored to their business needs. Our team of Music Experts have shared 8 tips they use to build the perfect playlist:
1)  Understand your demographic – Age of guests, majority male or female, and location of your venue are a few factors to consider when doing this. The chart on the right was produced by a study that showed although people of different ages have different preferences, you can still find some similarities in artists they enjoy listening to! 

2) Time of day Build your playlists keeping in mind that some genres or energy levels of songs might not be appropriate at certain times. Your daytime playlists will most likely sound different from the ones you make for your late night crowd.

3) Mood/Atmosphere of the venue – Are you going for a laid back or high energy atmosphere? Is it Game Night or Date Night? Take these into consideration when building your perfect playlists!

4) What genre do your guests enjoy – This can be a huge factor if you have a themed venue (ex. country bar, hip-hop lounge, etc.).  Remember to keep it mixed up – "Taylor Swift again?!" You might love her, but too much of a good thing can spoil the party. Keep artist and song separation in mind, so that your guests are hearing a variety of their favourites.

5) What are the complementing genres – You never want to play JUST one genre. Even if majority of your clientele like a specific one, you will always have a few people that enjoy other genres of music, and the perfect playlist caters to everyone!

6) Create a wave of music with the use of BPM – Beats per Minute (BPM) is a unit typically used to measure tempo in music. Transition songs by staying within about 10-15 BPM, slowly working your way up and down by creating "waves" that bring the excitement up, and give guests a break (and a chance to hit the bar) at just the right times! Keep in mind your BPM levels will differentiate based on your type of venue and time of day.

7) Test it The last thing you need is a playlist malfunction in your crowded bar on Friday Night.

8) Make final adjustments and enjoy!

Click below for a free online demonstration of how to build your perfect custom playlist with controlPLAY!
 Free Online Demo!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Modern Blues Music for Restaurants & Bars

BBQ Joints, Smokehouses, Taverns, Corner Bars, and Blues themed nights have never been better. We've created a great new Modern Blues music program for bars and restaurants. It features the best selection of songs this wonderful world has to offer. From the moment the blues came roaring out of the Mississippi Delta, no single genre has ever connected with such a wide audience, and managed to inspire generations to pick up a guitar to make their mark on the blues scene.

It started with the biggest names in blues and all the signature tracks from masters like Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa and Derek Trucks, but that was only the beginning. We scoured every corner of the musical globe and left no stone unturned to find the perfect blend from the legends, and the best from the scenes and bands that up until now have been overlooked. We've got the artists that keep their blues traditional, combined with a new generation reinventing how the blues are played, and in some cases even the instruments it’s played on.

The end result is a playlist sure to please the blues lover. A great blend of tunes from the heavy blues rock hitters like Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers Band and Cream,  and artists keeping the music alive today like The Black Keys, Gary Clark Jr., and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Not only are you guaranteed to hear the bands you love, but to also find some new favorites. Track for track, pound for pound, controlPLAY’s Blues playlists give you artists that know how to make a guitar solo sing, bass line shuffle and lyrics that’ll hook you every time.

Check it out, you’re going to love controlPLAY’s Modern Blues! 


After spending countless years playing in bands and working in radio programming, Chris was excited to join a company that truly believes in the importance of music and entertainment across  a variety of venues. He splits his time at controlPLAY filling subscriber’s requests, adding to controlPLAY’s extensive back catalogue of music and videos, and helping build numerous signature playlists  from Modern Blues through Italian Pop and the best of the Psychedelic era.        

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

controlPLAY's Custom Music, Music Video, and Digital Signage Headquarters.

The testing ground for our custom music programs for restaurants is our office! A significant part of our culture is our office entertainment system. Eighteen  TVs , sixteen speakers and three zones.  We are passionate about the power of the playlist. Every day we feature different programs to review and tweak our templates as well as  the content pulled to ensure the desired energy of the program is achieved.

We provide custom day parted programs for our subscribers that can vary by day and time of day. Our Programmers and Subscriber Success Managers create a schedule to match your playlists to your varying demographics.

Digital signage strategies are also tested in our office environment. Colour combinations, fonts, audio effects and other elements are tested for effectiveness. During the test we will survey our staff for recall to support our subscribers marketing goals.

Without a doubt, our office rocks. We look forward to creating a custom music program for your restaurant and bar too!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Stay in control with your Custom Music Playlist.

Working for a custom music and music video service for bars and restaurants, I constantly meet hospitality professionals who swear by their jukebox. The list of pros and cons of owning one is never-ending, but could your jukebox be costing you business? After recently coming across the article How to high-jack a country jukebox with a smartphone., I decided to conduct my own experiment. 

How many steps would it take to destroy a bar’s atmosphere with a jukebox? The answer was four:
First, walk into any bar that uses a jukebox. Depending on the type of jukebox, grab some change or use your phone to log on to its app. Request 12 songs that are the complete opposite of what’s being played. Then, sit back and watch the bar clear out a little more with every song.

Lucky for my local bars and restaurants, I decided against it knowing how detrimental it would be to their business. I can’t, however, speak for the next brokenhearted girl that walks into a country bar with some spare change and is a few drinks in. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope their Friday night crowd happen to be Celine Dion fans.
controlPLAY’s Music, Music Video, and Digital Signage services not only help hospitality professionals take control of their entertainment, but allow customers to request some of their favourite songs without impacting the desired atmosphere.

Click below for a free online demonstration to see how!
 controlPLAY Online Demonstration

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

St. Paddy’s Celebration at controlPLAY!

It was a great St. Paddy’s celebration at controlPLAY. Our team put on the green and had a great time. We believe in the power of the playlist to elevate the environment at your bar or restaurant. We had the controlPLAY St. Patrick’s Party Mix playing all day long. Irish classics mixed with classic party tracks.

This is just another example how we create single click custom music programs for bars and restaurants.

We hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day too!

 St. Patrick's Day Music Video Programs
Cheers! Click the photo to preview our St. Patrick's Day Music Video Programs.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

St. Patrick’s Day 2015!

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest bar holidays of the year! Are you utilizing your music and music video system to create a memorable experience in your bar?

St. Patrick’s Day is less than a month away and controlPLAY makes it easy to create an Irish- inspired atmosphere in your bar with music, music video and digital signage! Use your TV’s to start promoting the big event, today!

Whether you’re celebrating with green embellished customers or featuring food & drink specials, your customers will be feeling the luck of the Irish with your controlPLAY St. Patrick’s Day playlists.

On any given day, 5.5 million pints of Guinness are consumed worldwide and on St. Patrick’s 13 million pints are consumed! So let your customers know that you're feeling green too with controlPLAY digital signage. Schedule your promotional content to automatically start playing now. Find your inner leprechaun and celebrate with “St. Patrick’s Day Party” & “St. Patrick’s Day” playlists or create your own custom playlists to help set the Irish mood.

This also creates a great opportunity to promote other events plus your food and beverage specials. Our scheduling software will automatically play your promotional content when you want it to play.

Call for a free online demo to see how easy it is to Power Up Your Playlists with controlPLAY!

 Online Demo - Get Started Now!

Call our Subscriber Success Managers to execute your St. Patricks Day promo’s.
866-684-8324 or Click here for more info.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Valentine’s Day

This is one the biggest revenue days for restaurants. Are you utilizing your music and music video system to creating a memorable experience?

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away and controlPLAY makes it easy to create a love-inspired atmosphere with music, music videos and digital signage!

Whether you’re hosting a romantic evening for couples or featuring food & drink specials, your customers will fall head over heels with your controlPLAY Valentines playlist.

Let your customers know that you’re spreading the love with controlPLAY digital signage. Schedule your promotional content to automatically start playing now. Go for the heart and tune into our “Classic Love Songs” & “Valentine’s Day” playlists or create your own custom playlists to help set the romantic mood.

This also creates a great opportunity to promote other events plus your food and beverage specials. Our scheduling software will automatically play your promotional content when you want it to play.

Put controlPLAY to work for your Bar or Restaurant!

Monday, 2 February 2015

ACM Awards 2015 - Video of the Year Nominees

Progressive bars and restaurants count on the controlPLAY music video system for their country music video content. Choose from 1000’s of current and classic country hits to create your own custom playlists or “Kick It” with a controlPLAY Signature playlist.

Check out these great videos, they are this year’s Academy of Country Music’s nominees for 2015 Video of the Year. Five great country music videos from Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley, Glenn Campbell and Miranda Lambert featuring Carrie Underwood.  
Check them out here and yes they are playing at a controlPLAY country music bar near you!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Are you ready for the Big Game!

You can do it yourself or have a turn key Game Day music video, music and digital signage program automatically executed with your controlPLAY music, music video and digital signage system for bars and restaurants.

The Big Game Promo

Tailgate Party Playlist

Monday, 12 January 2015

Counting Down to Nightclub & Bar

controlPLAY music, music video and digital signage for bars and restaurants is always a big hit at the annual Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas. Our booth #1045 is designed to provide a live and interactive experience to discover how controlPLAY helps operators achieve their business goals.

We invite to come experience MYJAM customer engagement. National Restaurant Association Studies show that 89% of your customers have smart phones or tablets and want to use them in your bar or restaurant. controlPLAY MYJAM engages them into your playlist experience plus gives them the opportunity to promote your bar to their social network.

controlPLAY TOUCH Remote, provides you with the tools to create the stadium experience at your bar during sporting events. It also integrates with controlPLAY digital signage to promote, food, beverage and special events.

Come join the thousands at Nightclub & Bar March 30 – April 1, 2015, Las Vegas Convention Center.

We’ll see you there!

Friday, 2 January 2015

Get Social with controlPLAY

Put interaction technology in play with the controlPLAY music, music video and digital signage system for bars and restaurants.

New research from the National Restaurant Association found more than a third of consumers say they are more likely to use technology-related option than they were two years ago. Over all 70% of those surveyed said they own or regularly use a smart phone or tablet.

Over 89% of 18 – 44 year olds surveyed had a mobile device. 32% said they would use a smartphone app to pay their check instead of using cash or debit if offered. This trend will continue to grow.

Click here to see how easy it is to engage your mobile enabled customers with the controlPLAY music, music video and digital signage system combined with MYJAM.