Tuesday, 24 March 2015

controlPLAY's Custom Music, Music Video, and Digital Signage Headquarters.

The testing ground for our custom music programs for restaurants is our office! A significant part of our culture is our office entertainment system. Eighteen  TVs , sixteen speakers and three zones.  We are passionate about the power of the playlist. Every day we feature different programs to review and tweak our templates as well as  the content pulled to ensure the desired energy of the program is achieved.

We provide custom day parted programs for our subscribers that can vary by day and time of day. Our Programmers and Subscriber Success Managers create a schedule to match your playlists to your varying demographics.

Digital signage strategies are also tested in our office environment. Colour combinations, fonts, audio effects and other elements are tested for effectiveness. During the test we will survey our staff for recall to support our subscribers marketing goals.

Without a doubt, our office rocks. We look forward to creating a custom music program for your restaurant and bar too!

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