Monday, 23 March 2015

Stay in control with your Custom Music Playlist.

Working for a custom music and music video service for bars and restaurants, I constantly meet hospitality professionals who swear by their jukebox. The list of pros and cons of owning one is never-ending, but could your jukebox be costing you business? After recently coming across the article How to high-jack a country jukebox with a smartphone., I decided to conduct my own experiment. 

How many steps would it take to destroy a bar’s atmosphere with a jukebox? The answer was four:
First, walk into any bar that uses a jukebox. Depending on the type of jukebox, grab some change or use your phone to log on to its app. Request 12 songs that are the complete opposite of what’s being played. Then, sit back and watch the bar clear out a little more with every song.

Lucky for my local bars and restaurants, I decided against it knowing how detrimental it would be to their business. I can’t, however, speak for the next brokenhearted girl that walks into a country bar with some spare change and is a few drinks in. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope their Friday night crowd happen to be Celine Dion fans.
controlPLAY’s Music, Music Video, and Digital Signage services not only help hospitality professionals take control of their entertainment, but allow customers to request some of their favourite songs without impacting the desired atmosphere.

Click below for a free online demonstration to see how!
 controlPLAY Online Demonstration

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