Monday, 13 April 2015

8 Tips For Building The Perfect Playlist!

Along with access to 35+ Signature Music and Music Video Playlists for restaurants and bars, controlPLAY’s subscribers have the ability to create custom playlists tailored to their business needs. Our team of Music Experts have shared 8 tips they use to build the perfect playlist:
1)  Understand your demographic – Age of guests, majority male or female, and location of your venue are a few factors to consider when doing this. The chart on the right was produced by a study that showed although people of different ages have different preferences, you can still find some similarities in artists they enjoy listening to! 

2) Time of day Build your playlists keeping in mind that some genres or energy levels of songs might not be appropriate at certain times. Your daytime playlists will most likely sound different from the ones you make for your late night crowd.

3) Mood/Atmosphere of the venue – Are you going for a laid back or high energy atmosphere? Is it Game Night or Date Night? Take these into consideration when building your perfect playlists!

4) What genre do your guests enjoy – This can be a huge factor if you have a themed venue (ex. country bar, hip-hop lounge, etc.).  Remember to keep it mixed up – "Taylor Swift again?!" You might love her, but too much of a good thing can spoil the party. Keep artist and song separation in mind, so that your guests are hearing a variety of their favourites.

5) What are the complementing genres – You never want to play JUST one genre. Even if majority of your clientele like a specific one, you will always have a few people that enjoy other genres of music, and the perfect playlist caters to everyone!

6) Create a wave of music with the use of BPM – Beats per Minute (BPM) is a unit typically used to measure tempo in music. Transition songs by staying within about 10-15 BPM, slowly working your way up and down by creating "waves" that bring the excitement up, and give guests a break (and a chance to hit the bar) at just the right times! Keep in mind your BPM levels will differentiate based on your type of venue and time of day.

7) Test it The last thing you need is a playlist malfunction in your crowded bar on Friday Night.

8) Make final adjustments and enjoy!

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