Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Let's get the Staff involved!

Happy Tuesday!

As the leader in Music and Music-Video programming for bars we are always reaching out to our subscribers to ensure we are delivering a relevant experience to their customers. Constant communication is the key to success with our subscribers that are using our complimentary custom programming services.

Recently I was speaking with a subscriber and we were designing some new day-time playlists for him. His challenge was that his staff were complaining about the music because it wasn’t what “they” wanted to hear.  The business owner, frustrated with this fact, reached out to me for help on how we could remedy this situation.

The solution was creating a folder of “STAFF PICKS” and inserting it into their playlist 1-2 times per hour.

This exercise brought his staff together and they all feel like a part of the entertainment now. 
Win-Win for everyone! 

Would this be a benefit to your venue as well?
Please let me know and we can make this happen. 

All the best!

Adam Melrose
Chief Playlist Officer 
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