Friday, 19 February 2016

Forward Thinking about Background Music

Feral Foodies travel in herds, perhaps half-a-dozen strong, constantly "trying new places". There is still plenty of potential for you to impress them and make your establishment one of their favorites.

You cannot, however, rely on Great Food alone. While the quality of the product is of primary importance, the food itself is often of secondary importance compared to the other things going on around it.

Your primary product is mood or atmosphere. You're selling fun, romance, excitement, convenience, expectation, conviviality, entertainment, or a place to celebrate. Failure to acknowledge and act on that will mark the end of your business. The very best Chateaubriand in a silent, plain brick room won't taste nearly as fine as a Burger Royale in a fun, friendly neighborhood pub.

Interestingly enough, all those factors are influenced by your musical selection. The wrong music cost you money; the right music increases your profits. For example, men seem unaffected by tempo, but prefer a faster pace, while women prefer slower music, which does affect their purchasing decisions.

Music with a slower tempo increases the dwell time of your customers; a faster tempo gets them on their way sooner. Their respective purchases total $86.28 (slow), and a $76.74 (fast), so if you're not at full capacity you will make more money if they stick around a little bit longer. The difference between the two is 26 minutes on average, and increases sales by 13%. You know your business best, so decide if it is a worthwhile trade off for you.


Properly considered music takes into consideration your price point, your audience, and even the time of day. It influences how much your clientele will spend, how satisfied they will be with the products, and even whether they'll return to your establishment for future purchases. Faster music in busy times can result in better throughput; slower music in relaxed times can result in higher sales.

Soul, Jazz, and Lounge music can increase customer loyalty, and increase the amount they will spend. In an upscale environment, Classical music significantly increases the amount that people are willing to pay for most products.

This is important since even a few percentage points can be the difference between profitability, break-even, and actually losing money. You do want to make a profit, so get this handled today.

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