Friday, 22 April 2016

Just Loaded - Cinco de Mayo Seasonal Playlist

Like we do for many occasions, controlPLAY marks Cinco de Mayo with a Playlist! It’s available as a Seasonal Playlist for both music and music video subscribers. Enjoy!

May 5 is Cinco de Mayo (literally, since “Cinco de Mayo” translates directly to “Five of May”). Other than anticipating that you’ll be consuming some fine Mexican food and music on that day, do you know what’s actually being celebrated?

May 5 commemorates the Mexican army’s unexpected victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. The battle—which was the very last invasion of a country in the Americas by a European military force—became a symbolic moment in the resistance of Mexico against French occupation. The victory delivered a much-needed sense of unity and national pride to the country’s people at a time when Mexico was experiencing political division and economic hardship.

The first celebrations outside of Mexico occurred in California – but are now widely spread throughout the United States and Canada (and in lots of other places, too - like Brisbane, Australia). On May 5, Cinco de Mayo celebrations take place in schools, communities, bars and restaurants – and focus on traditional Mexican music, dancing, food and fun.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Just Loaded - Pub Mix Signature Playlist

Pub Rock + a Twist of Extra-Awesomeness
We hope you’ve been enjoying the new Pub Rock playlist (and if not, make sure you check it out today!). The thing is, as great as Pub Rock is, we thought there were still some missing elements. So we thought it was time to add a  brand-new twist that we've called "Pub Mix". Of course, you’re still going to hear all of those solid rock tracks, but now there’s a dash of the Blues, New Wave, Indie darlings, some Classic 70s hits, and a hint of those gems which just can’t be classified as any one genre! 

When you’re in the mood for just a little bit extra, check out the all new Pub Mix. It's loaded in your controlPLAY system as a Signature Playlist.

Adam Melrose, Chief Playlist Officer

Just Loaded - Ladies' Night Program

We've crafted another amazing playlist just for you! 
It’s always fun putting together new signature playlists. For this one we mixed up some Apple Martinis and put our collective minds together. There’s no secret here, but if you can get the ladies dancing then the men will follow - and seldom the other way around. LADIES' NIGHT is a perfect blend of timeless tracks: From Whitney to Madonna to Nicki, they’re all here and ready to go! You’ll find the LADIES' NIGHT program now live on your controlPLAY system. 

Adam Melrose, Chief Playlist Officer