Monday, 11 July 2016

Power to the Playlist

controlPLAY is the market leader when it comes to background music services for restaurants and pubs. We take the playlists for your business very seriously. Our entire team believes in the “Power of the Playlist” to entertain, engage and influence while creating the sound of your brand.

Our development team has created proprietary software exclusive to our networks to deliver a customized library based on your specific needs. We achieve this with a significant meta data process for every track in our library to zero in on the exact sound you desire for your business.

We receive new music daily. Our content acquisition team reviews and processes the tracks to our delivery network. Your content specifications are memorized by our content delivery network. This provides you with rapid playlist updates.

Some may consider us music nerds, we believe that when family and friends gather, your playlist is as important as the food you serve. Let us show you how we can be part of your success story.

Click the image below and watch the Video!

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