Monday, 22 August 2016

A Modern Twist on an Old Jive; How the Online Jukebox Brings New Life—and Business—to Restaurants and Bars

Times may have changed, but the love for our favorite songs hasn’t. The jukebox is an old idea, but when reinvented with a modern twist, the online jukebox could be the key to energizing your establishment.

So what do we mean by an online jukebox?

We’re talking about myJAM—the app from controlPLAY that lets guests use their smartphones to request their favorite songs from your restaurant or bar’s custom-created playlist.

Pretty cool, right?

myJAM does more than just add to the fun; it also promotes your brand through social media recommendations—one of the most effective ways to share your message!

How does it work?

Customers download the myJAM app to their smartphones where they can choose songs from a customized music library with tens of thousands of options that are updated daily to keep your playlists fresh and relevant.

Through the app customers can like, request and share music with their friends on social media—helping to promote your brand by linking to your bar or restaurant and letting their contacts that they’re having a great time at your establishment.

Just 25 myJAM shares can lead to more than 6,250 social media impressions.

But where does the music come from?

controlPLAY gets your guests’ toes tapping or their heart beating—whatever your desired vibe—with a customized music library and playlist tailored just for your restaurant or bar. Our music databases are updated daily, so you’ll never get bored of the same old tunes…and the latest hits will always be ready for your guests’ requests!

myJAM puts the fun in the palm of your customers’ hands, while giving your establishment a hand with marketing and saving you money: fewer than 15 paid jams per day can give you your music solution for FREE.

Watch the video to learn more about how myJAM will energize your business.

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