Monday, 8 August 2016

How infotainment and digital signage can increase your pub’s game day revenue

Does digital signage really make a difference to your pub’s bottom line? You bet. Incorporating infotainment into your marketing strategy can have huge pay-offs, especially during the big game.
Who doesn’t love the big game? Nothing can compare to the energy, the feeling of comradery and the anticipation of jumping out of your seat to cheer on your team with friends and strangers alike. For sports pubs and bars, game day practically sells itself.
But what about before and after the game? Are you hearing crickets?
controlPLAY can help you leverage that game day buzz by bringing in more customers before the game, keeping those customers in their seats after the game, and increasing their purchases the entire time.
Simple: give your customers a reason to arrive early, stay for the game and stick around for the after-party—and make sure they know about it!
One of the key plays to dominating game day revenue is incorporating infotainment into your entertainment roster. To set the scene and get your guests pumped-up, controlPLAY creates a custom playlist of music and music videos for your bar or restaurant. Strategically selected music videos entertain and grab the attention of your clients, creating the perfect platform to invite them to enjoy pre-game incentives, game time programming and promotions, and post-game entertainment and specials.
Game time commercials are transformed into a golden opportunity to remind your patrons about specials, promotions and post-game fun by putting your messages where everyone’s eyes are already looking: the television.
But does it really make that big of a difference?
Restaurants and bars that use controlPLAY’s digital signage and music video services have seen an average revenue increase of $1000/month…and that’s being conservative.

controlPLAY Guide - After the Game

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