Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Secret to Success: Perfecting your Vibe

How does controlPLAY consistently provide the number one music, music video and digital signage service for bars and restaurants?

Easy! Our incredible staff.

Close your eyes and imagine your perfect work environment.

OK now, let’s keep it within reason—we’d all love to work from the beach while sipping margaritas…

Chances are most of us dream of working for a company that encourages us to be creative and rewards innovation—we want to go home every day and feel invigorated that we accomplished something worthwhile. We want to work with colleagues that appreciate hard work, but also know when to let loose and have fun.

At controlPLAY, we know that our success depends on the dedication of our employees. Every day we strive to create an inviting, enriching and supportive environment that inspires staff. When our colleagues are happy, it trickles down into the customer service they provide.

Just like the vibe at your bar or restaurant is important to your guest experience, the vibe in our office plays a crucial role in delivering a great product.

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