Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Five Ways Hosting a Theme Night Benefits your Bar or Restaurant

Your bar or restaurant’s atmosphere plays an important role in your day-to-day success. Patrons seek out venues that fit their mood and complement the occasion. Getting the music, setting and vibe just right can be the difference between a returning customer or a one-time visitor.  It’s important that your establishment maintains a consistent experience and atmosphere every time.

But what if you want to shake things up a bit?

Theme nights are a great way to attract new customers, build loyalty and engage with your regulars, boost your revenue and power-up your promotions. Hosting a theme night doesn’t mean cramming your bar or restaurant full of party crazy maniacs (unless that’s your goal); theme nights can benefit a variety of environments and range everywhere from a sophisticated soiree to a rough n’ tumble buckin’ bronco shindig.

Still not sure if a theme night is right for your bar or restaurant? Here are five ways hosting a theme night can benefit your establishment:

1- It can help boost your social media game

Theme nights can provide great material for social media and help you to build followers, engage with your networks and join in new conversations.

Encourage your guests to post their photos from theme night and tag your establishment, you can then comment or share their photos with your network.

You can expand your typical social media reach with a theme by using related hashtags in your event promotions. For example, if you’re hosting a Game of Thrones season finale party, use #GameofThrones to join fans’ conversations and connect with people who share an interest. Not only will you be promoting your event, but reaching a group of people who you might not have had the chance to meet.

2 - It can connect you to other businesses in the community

Hosting a theme night provides an opportunity for your bar or restaurant to reach out to get to know and potentially partner with other businesses in your area. Even if it doesn’t directly result in a partnership this time around, new contacts can mean new customers or partners in the future.

3 - It can help you reach new audiences

Hosting a theme night can help you reach new crowds that may not otherwise have visited your establishment. For example, if you’re hosting an Olympics theme party, you might attract new guests who are interested in watching the Olympics, but have never visited your bar or restaurant before. Their interest in your theme night could be the one thing that gets them through the door.

4 - Helps you increase revenue

Hosting a theme night can help boost your revenue. By bringing in more visitors, tapping into new crows, enhancing your marketing outreach and providing the opportunity to promote specials and upcoming events on-site, you’re sure to notice a bump to your bottom line.

5 - Helps you retain customers and attract new ones

People like to have fun! If your theme night appeals to your target clientele and is a success, new customers will come back and bring friends.

Check out our step-by-step guide to planning a successful and fun theme night in your establishment.


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