Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Giving Really is the Best Part

Continuing the tradition of helping our community

Think of a time when you felt truly alive, purposeful and fulfilled. Chances are, you can connect those feelings to an act of selflessness—a time you did something to benefit others.

Most of us are fortunate enough to enjoy the holidays as a season of celebration and plenty—come January there are a lot of us who can even see the evidence of these celebrations when we step on the scale or try to squeeze into our skinny jeans (I know I do…).

But some don’t get to experience the holidays that way. Many families struggle just to enjoy a meal, and some children spend Christmas Eve feeling hungry.

In fact, more than 40% of food bank clients in our community are children.

That breaks our hearts.

And it just won’t do.

We know it’s our responsibility to support those who need a helping hand over the holidays. To us, kindness, love and helping others are what the season is really all about. This is why every year we are proud to support the Business Cares Food Drive.

This season we’ve been collecting canned goods, diapers, formula and baby food, where we keep under the office Christmas tree until delivery day on Dec. 21. Last year we donated more than 800 pounds of goods, and this year our staff have been challenged to beat that record. In addition, 787 Networks will donate $2,000 worth of groceries to the food bank.

Helping others feels good, it makes our world a better place, it builds a stronger team and it’s easy.

We're grateful for our subscribers and incredible team who consistently contribute to our success—they make it possible for us to be part of Business Cares and to make a meaningful difference for families in our community.

Please join us in making the holidays happy for everyone, and consider supporting those who could use a little extra help.

From our controlPLAY family to yours, have a warm and happy holiday!

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