Friday, 16 December 2016

The Sounds of the Season: Jazzy Crooners or Popstar Sensations?

How to build the perfect holiday playlist for your bar or restaurant

Have you ever noticed that some businesses start playing holiday music well before most of us have taken down our Halloween decorations? There’s more to a holiday playlist than just getting into the holly jolly spirit—spreading a little holiday cheer helps to inspire holiday spending, which means a jump-start on seasonal sales.  

In addition to rolling out holiday playlists early, more businesses are favouring modern pop remixes over the holiday classics to cater to younger generations. 

So does this mean that bars and restaurants should jump on the bandwagon and start playing modern holiday pop songs during the first week of November?
Before you go swapping out your cocktail crooner holiday classics for modern remixes, make sure it’s the right fit for your bar or restaurant. Studies show that the tempo, genre and style of music played in your establishment impacts how your clients perceive your brand and their experience, and can directly impact your bottom line. 

For example, when played in the right kind of establishment, classical music can help increase the amount a consumer will spend. However, this only works for fine dining or bars or restaurants with an upscale vibe—if classical music doesn’t match the brand, it can backfire and actually produce the opposite effect. 

IN SHORT: your holiday genre selection is just as important as your everyday playlist. Any old holiday song won’t do. And just because it’s the trendy or popular choice, doesn’t mean it’s right for your bar or restaurant.

In addition to what kind of music you play, WHEN you queue up your Christmas tunes also makes a big impact on your bar or restaurant’s holiday vibe—and your staff’s patience. There are advantages to starting early; however, some polls suggest that consumers in the USA aren’t ready to get into the holiday spirit until after Thanksgiving. 

A balanced approach to incorporating your holiday sound is the key to success. The best way to extend the life of your holiday mix while maintaining your bar or restaurant’s unique brand identity is to take what we at controlPLAY call the Progressive Hybrid approach.

The Progressive Hybrid approach blends a mix of holiday songs that match your current sound and vibe with your existing playlists. Various holiday tracks are carefully selected to maintain the energy and sound of your brand. The ratio of holiday songs in your playlist increase as it gets closer to the holiday.

Sounds complicated?
With controlPLAY, executing your Progressive Hybrid holiday playlist is a simple click. Getting started is easy, free and there are no strings attached. Contact Jesse Martin one of our solution specialists today.

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